IT Facilities

IT Facilities in School

We are proud of the schools extensive network and ICT resources. There are more PC's, laptops and iMacs and dedicated IT rooms each equipped with work stations. Across the school are SMART interactive white boards. professional printing and scanning facilities plus an extensive range of software applications.

Software Used in School

All classroom PCs and laptops are installed with Windows 7 (as a minimum Operating system), MS Office suite, secure internet connectivity with specific applications available to aid student development in specialist areas such as Art, Music, Drama, Technology, Languages, Maths and Science.

Apple Macs 
Art, Drama and Music have over 60 iMacs combined for students, each providing a range of software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Sibelius. Macs have been chosen specifically as they mirror the tools used by professionals in the workplace and provide a unique technical experience for students in these disciplines.

WI-Fi - Internet connectivity is provided through the school premises for classroom laptops and tablets to enable interactive learning. Portable cabinets of laptops are also available to provide technology for classes that generally do not require computing.
Our Learning Hub has dedicated PCs which are available for students to securely browse the internet, to gather online reference information to help support lessons. The PCs can be utilised to aid homework completion.
The Hall and Sports Hall are fitted with excellent projection and professional sound systems to display presentations which support productions, assemblies and large meetings.

Software Compatibility

 Most home PC's and portable devices are suitable and generally have the ability to run Microsoft Office (and compatible) software.  Students are able to use the Secure Online Resource area located in the school website for homework and to access classroom documents. Both staff and students require an internet connection at home in order to access the Secure File repository and other available tools.

School Website

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